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The global demand for infrastructure is surging - With an estimated US$57 trillion in investment required between 2013 and 2030 and fiscally constrained governments struggling to keep pace with demand, the infrastructure sector has grown rapidly.

What We Do

Project Planning
& Development

We advise our clients at every stage of project planning and development, and we work with them to minimize project development risk by conducting project feasibility analysis during the early development stage of the project.


We advise developers, governments, and investors on project origination, acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, joint ventures, corporate debt restructuring, and refinancing.


With a depth of project management capabilities, we are uniquely equipped to support the delivery of single projects or an entire program of projects. We partner with our clients to execute their mandate.


We specialize in infrastructure finance – analyzing complex financial transactions for infrastructure projects. We evaluate projects and their projected revenue streams for financial feasibility and debt capacity, and raise finance through our network of strategic alliance partnerships.


Choosing the right technology infrastructure can be difficult. We provide the right solutions that build scalability into the infrastructure design and implementation. We integrate industry-leading technology and applications to increase efficiency.

Support Services

We support our clients by connecting them with new technology partners, engineers, business developers, and any additional services that might be beneficial for the execution of their projects.

Sectors Of Operation

Transportation Infrastructure

Our transport infrastructure advisory services include all means of movement through roads, highways, rail, airports, shipping, and marine logistics.

Our seasoned professionals have extensive experience assisting government and private sector players—from small to large multinational organizations—to address concepts, viability, and risks attached to specific projects. We provide comprehensive project planning and timely support for investment, financing, and project execution.

We understand our clients’ operating environment and the drivers that impact the industry across these sectors.

Power & Renewable Energy

We provide power and renewable energy advisory services throughout the project lifecycle. We leverage our sector-specific knowledge, extensive industry network, and investment management experience. These qualities rightly position us to identify, select, structure, and execute various power and renewable energy projects for our clients.

We work with our clients to provide efficient, affordable, and sustainable energy for dispatch and usage. We assist project sponsors in structuring and raising long-term capital to fund power and renewable energy projects.

Shipping, Freight & Logistics

Based on our experience, we understand the operational and financial drivers of the shipping, freight, and logistics industry value chain and assist our clients in dealing with current and emerging challenges.

We work with our international network of industry-focused professionals in digital transformation, deregulation, public-private partnerships, and financing. Our strength lies in providing cost-effective solutions in a challenging environment.

Our client base includes businesses in the manufacturing, consumer goods, heavy equipment cargo, oil & gas, and pharmaceutical segments, amongst others.


We provide comprehensive services that cover the entire spectrum, from technology development to process implementation and management on behalf of our clients. As technology plays an increasingly vital role in modern business operations, the significance of technology advisory services grows in assisting businesses to effectively leverage technology.

At present, we are in the design and execution phase of a technology incubator program. This program aims to house development tools, offer project management support, facilitate strategic alliances, and provide capital infusion to technology startups in emerging markets, starting with Africa.

Heavy Duty Equipment Services

As part of our ancillary services, we offer heavy-duty equipment rental services. Over the years, we have invested significantly in acquiring a wide range of heavy-duty equipment available for lease, supporting general and specialized construction sectors.

Our inventory includes various heavy-duty equipment, such as front loaders, cranes, trucks, forklifts, and steer loaders, to name a few. We tailor our leasing process to meet the specific needs of our clients for short and long-term projects.

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